10 Packs Seed Starter Trays Seedling Tray (12 Cells per Tray) , Humidity Adjustable Kit with Dome and Base Greenhouse…

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The package includes: 10 x Tray, 10 x Watertight Base Tray, 10 x Humidity Dome. In addition, you will get 20 x Plant Labels(A must have for seedling) to write down the name .High quality clear plastic trays of this grow kit make it easy to observe your plants without interrupting the process.
Full control tray kit:with humidity control dome, the adjustable vents of this starter tray allow you to adjust the temperature and humidity of the seedling environment, so you have complete control over the growth process. Keep the seedlings moist and reduce water evaporation; the chassis provides gentle warmth to the plant bed and balances the moisture content. Can be used repeatedly and carefully treated for many seasons.
Efficient heat transfer: Each seedling germination tray has 10 pcs compartments (6 pcs totally 60 cells), all with a transparent top and a drainable base design. Each unit has drainage holes at the bottom, which can be appropriately Drain water and reduce root oversaturation. Reusable is a great way to grow a beautiful and healthy garden, allowing your plants, vegetables and flower to germinate in a warm environment.