150 Pcs Seed Starter Tray Kit, 15 Packs Small Transplant Seedling Tray, Biodegradable Paper Seedling Pots for Plant…

Amazon.ca Price: $18.99 (as of 30/09/2022 19:34 PST- Details)

【Including】:Pack of 15 seedling tray, each tray has 10 cells, with a pack of white plastic labels.
【Degradable】:Once the seeds sprout, transplant the whole trays into the ground or larger plant pots. The trays will break down in the soil in the end, thus they are environmentally friendly.
【Easy To Use】:You just place seeds into the seedling transplant tray. These seedling trays come apart easily and can be cut into individual seed pots using a pair of scissors. Once the seeds sprout, just transplant the whole trays directly into the ground or larger plant pots.