160 Cells Seed Starter Tray Biodegradable,10 Pack Seed Starter Pots for Seedlings,Peat Pots for Seedlings,Plant Starter…

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【Right Size Seedling Pots】Each cell of seedling start trays 1.6 inches Width by 1.6 inches Length, 2inches deep.Ideal size for Plant seeds like herbs,microgreen,succulent, wheatgrass, tomato,rose, vegetable, wildflower, watermelon, lavender, cucumber,mint, marigold, zinnia, catnip,lettuce, clover, strawberry,etc.
【Say Goodbye to Transplating Shock】The seedling starter trays will help eliminate transplating shock without disturbing tender young roots,so you can transplant your precious seedlings go straight from indoors to the ground or to a container.
【Biodegradable Seed Starter Kit】The paper cup body becomes organic fertilizer after degradation, and this layer of degradables is easy to absorb water, has good permeability, and is easy to integrate with the soil, which improves the ecological environment around the seedling roots and is beneficial to the growth of seedlings.