3 Inch Round Peat Pots 100 Pcs, Round Seedling Trays Peat Pots Seed Starter Germination with Bonus 100pcs Plant Label…

Amazon.ca Price: $53.74 (as of 06/02/2023 18:38 PST- Details)

🌱100% Biodegradable: Made of recycle paper, these plant pots will break down in the soil in the end, environment-friendly. No transplant shock since there’s no need to transfer plants after starting.
🌱Start Indoor Garden: Starting an indoor garden is easy with our bulk pack of organic peat pots. Simply place your seeds into the seedling transplant pot.【No holes in the bottom】
🌱Seed Starter Tray: These pots are the ideal choice for indoors seed starting as well! They can help minimize transplant shock, so they’re especially good for plants that don’t like to have their roots disturbed, such as melons, cucumbers, squash and nasturtiums.

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