Cronk Nutrients 3-Part Kit – Micro, Grow, and Bloom Kit – Plant Fertilizer for Outdoor & Indoor Plants – Supports… Price: $139.99 (as of 26/03/2023 02:39 PST- Details)

Maximizes Yield – A gardening must-have for professional gardeners and hobbyists, this liquid fertilizer helps keep your plants healthy. Use this cost-effective plant fertilizer on indoor and/or outdoor plants for maximum yield.
For Optimal Consistency and pH Balance – Thanks to our liquid plant food’s excellent macro and micro nutrients, your crop grows healthily. We formulated our unique blend using marine extracts, chelates, and pharmaceutical-grade minerals.
Maximizes Nutrient Intake – It’s packed with minerals such as liquid iron, liquid nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium. This fertilizer for vegetables and all types of herbaceous plants supports quick absorption and higher-quality flowers and fruits.