5 Pack Seed Starter Trays with Grow Light, 60 Cells Seed Starting Tray Kit, Dome with Adjustable Ventilation and…

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SEED STARTER TRAY: Made of high quality PP material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the seedling tray is durable and reusable. The clear plastic tray of this seed growing kit is perfect for watching seeds germinate and grow. As the seeds grow you can easily transplant them directly into larger pots or outdoors in the garden without damaging the seedlings
EMBEDDED PLANT GROW LIGHT: Each seed tray comes with a plant grow light containing 4 led beads, powered by a USB port. The grow light can artificially control the light quality, light intensity and photoperiod to help plants photosynthesize and promote chlorophyll synthesis and carbohydrate accumulation. The soft light helps the plant stems to root and germinate, just like in nature
ADJUSTABLE HUMIDITY DESIGN: Adjustable indoor humidity in the range of 50-100%. This seed tray comes with a ventilated humidity dome, you can control the internal environment of the tray by rotating the regulator of the dome, which helps to regulate the moisture and temperature of the germinating seedlings, it will effectively transfer heat and keep the soil at the optimal temperature and humidity