Halatool 6 Pack Seed Starter Tray Black Seedling Starter Trays with Humidity Dome Reusable Seed Starting Trays 144 Cells…

Amazon.ca Price: $46.90 (as of 24/03/2023 01:54 PST- Details)

🌿Value Package: You will receive 6 × transparent lid, 6 × bowhnot hunmidity valve, 6 × seed tray, 6 × base tray, 100 × labels, 2 × mini shovels for sowing, this kit has everything you need for planting. (24 cells per tray, 6 sets total 144 cells)
🌵Food Grade Material: Seed starter kit is made of high quality plastic, which is sturdy and durable, corrosion and aging resistance, not flimsy compared with other trays, can be re-used multiple times and recycle, easy to wash and dry.
🌿Design: The transparent lid can help seed absorb more sunlight to grow, bowknot valve works well to control humid and warm environment for seedlings, different cells can sow different seeds, water can be kept in the base tray, help plants sprout quickly.