6 PCS Seed Starter Trays,12 Cells Seed Starter Tray Grow Trays, Indoor Grow Plant Pots, Reusable Mini Propagator for…

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【High Quality Material】The seeding tray is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials for successful germination,so that your seeds can grow optimally,and can be washed and reused.Each seed tray has 12 compartments.Units with proper spacing will prevent crowding and have more space.
【Adjustable Dome Design】Plant growing tray lid with control humidity dome, you can open or close at any time and see the process of seed germination clearly. Keep seedlings moist and keep the soil at a constant temperature.
【Drainage Hole Design】There are drainage holes at the bottom of the seed coat of each unit, which can prevent excessive watering and excessive drainage, maintain ideal moisture content and maintain the efficient circulation of plant roots. This can achieve a higher success rate.