Amino Acid Plant Nutrient Solution, General-Purpose Plant Nutrient Solution for Soil hydroponics, Highly Concentrated… Price: $14.29 (as of 04/10/2022 17:17 PST- Details)

1. This product is high-concentration nutrient solution, the original solution should not be directly irrigated, it needs to be diluted before use. Pay attention to applying thin fertilizers frequently, and the concentration can not be too high once.
2. Soil cultivation: Dilute 3ml concentrated nutrient solution with 1000ml water, spray to wet the leaves, and then irrigate the roots until the plants around soil are completely wet. Use it once every half month.
3. Hydroponics: Dilute 5ml concentrated nutrient solution with 1000ml water, use it every time the water is changed, or use it once a week