Berry&Bird Digging Spade, 43″ Stainless Steel Garden Border Spade, Heavy Duty Square Flat Spade with Ergonomics D-Grip Handle, Traditional English Style Shovel for Gardening Digging Planting Farming Price: $208.94 (as of 04/02/2023 17:52 PST- Details)

WHAT YOU GET – 1 * Garden Digging Spade. Our digging spades are made by traditional manual process and can be used for more than 10 years. The more the wooden handle and stainless steel will be used, the smoother it will be. Used for general cultivation, digging, soil turning, planting and improving drainage.
WIDE APPLICATION – The heavy-duty digging spade fulfills various needs and can be effortlessly utilized for cutting a channel, edging, burrowing, cutting through thick turf and furrowing. The long handle gives upgraded control in the nearness of the work region. Wide tread edge for the aiding digging efficiency and comfort.
STRONG D-GRIP – The hardwood D Handle Grip delivers a comfortable and firm hold with a two-handed control, to firmly slice through hard and difficult surfaces. Designed for efficient moving and lifting. Perfect for gardening, camping, off-road or beach use.

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