Canuck Landing Yellow Sticky Traps for Plants (20 Pcs) Trap Fruit Flies, Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Leaf Miners, Aphids… Price: $13.99 (as of 06/10/2022 19:51 PST- Details)

Dual-sided – acts like a magnet to fungus gnats, tiny fruit flies, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, thrips that attack your plants, flower beds or fruit bowls. Donnez un bon départ à vos plantes.
Safe and friendly – this natural non-toxic solution attracts small insects through color attraction. No need to use insecticidal soaps on plants or strong smelling scents such as rosemary oil.
Easy to use – no more neem oil for plants, or hydrogen peroxide that can leave messy residue. Instead press the trap into the earth or use the twist ties or stakes for positioning the trap.