CEED4U Seed Starter Kit, 96 Cells Peat Pot Trays, 15×11 Inches Growing Trays, 15 Packs Plant Labels, Plant Cultivation…

Amazon.ca Price: $72.66 (as of 24/03/2023 01:53 PST- Details)

[PACKAGE INCLUDES] You will get 8pcs 12cells peat seed starter trays, 3pcs plastic growing trays, 15pcs plant labels. Container gardening is ideal for city dwellers who may not have much space. Try this seed starter kit and you will love them.
[COMPLETE SEED STARTER KIT] We put the basic supplies you need into one package, make it easier to start your garden. The seed starter kit is perfect for gardening beginners, kids, horticulture hobbyists.
[EASY TO TRANSPLANT] The peat seed starter trays are made of recycled pulp and peat moss and will not contaminate your planting soil. Just transplant them directly into the ground or larger plant pots without damaging plants. They will break down in the soil in the end.