Color You Garden Drip Irrigation System, Drip Irrigation Kit with 131ft/40m Drip Irrigation Tubing Hose, DIY Saving… Price: $42.99 (as of 30/09/2022 20:10 PST- Details)

【Efficient Drip Watering System】This diy automatic drip Irrigation Kit could water all plant at once. The nozzle has two water outlet modes, columnar and mist that provide different water volume according to different plants water requirement. The drip system will help you save up to 70% water and a lot of time.
【Complete Drip Irrigation Accessories】The garden irrigation kit contains all the components needed to start a system from a tap or garden hose. With extra long 40-meter drip irrigation tube, 15 pcs atomizing nozzle, 20 drip tips, 1 tubing quick connector, 2 garden hose socket, 1 universal connector, 1 pipe seal tape, 1 puncher, others 118 accessories.
【Easy and Quick to Installation】This lawn irrigation system is easy to use, no need digging or plumbing skills, simply cutting the hose to the desired size as needed, connect the barbed fittings with nozzles or drrippers. With detailed user manual with picture realizes simplify insertion. Tips: Soak the end of the hose in hot water for one minute before sliding on the connectors. It gets easier and when it cools, the tube stays tight.