EarlyGrow 93807 Domed Propagator, 2 Height Extenders, Green

Amazon.ca Price: $112.55 (as of 23/03/2023 02:03 PST- Details)

Designed for the serious gardener with an extra large heavy duty tray bed measuring 24” X 15”. The 93807 tray is made of a heavy gauge PP material that will allow you to carry heavy pots of maturing plants without the tray buckling or flexing out of shape
Has a clear shatter proof lid with two oversized vents which can be opened or closed as needed to control humidity and optimize seed germination and the growth of immature seedlings. The crystal clear lid will not deteriorate under the heat of grow lamps nor reduce the effectiveness of the lamp to seed germination
Has a side vented height extension which elevates the lid as the plants being to grow and adds additional capability in adjustment of airflow and humidity present under the dome. The height extension provides 12.75” of depth between the base of the tray and the dome for maturing seedlings