Gaia Green Blood Meal 14-0-0 1.5kg tub – great for rapid growth in trees, shrubs, and vegetables Price: $28.12 (as of 22/03/2023 01:41 PST- Details)

Gaia Green Blood Meal is known for having the highest content of plant available nitrogen, while also providing an abundant amount of iron in a chelate form. These essential nutrients are released gradually over the season as the protein decomposes in the soil.
Gaia Green Blood Meal is gentle on soil microbes and encourages humus production and good soil tilth; the key to sustainability productivity. For leafy plant growth of flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns, and vegetable gardens, Gaia Blood Meal makes for an excellent soil amendment as part of a yearly feeding program.
Directions for use in garden, landscape and lawn: 1.5kg per 15m2 (3.3lbs per 162ft2), apply once per month or as desired. Premixing soil for hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: apply 30ml per 4L (3tbsp per 1 gal) of soil or growing medium. Gaia Green Blood Meal flows freely and evenly and can be applied by spreader or hand.