Garden Guru Professional Bonsai Scissors 200mm – Traditional Butterfly Bonsai Pruner Shear for Precise Trimming Pruning… Price: $25.82 (as of 06/02/2023 18:19 PST- Details)

These traditional bonsai scissors are designed for accurate trimming and deadheading that won’t harm your plants – ideal for bonsai pruning, cutting branches and roots, and anything where quick snips and clean cuts are a must!
Razor sharp and thin steel blades for precise shaping and styling of bonsai plants and floral arrangements. High quality carbon steel will last a lifetime with proper care (wipe off dirt and lightly oul after every use).
Ergonomically designed and weighted for control and precision. Handles are strong, lightweight, and comfortable. Small handheld shears like these are a great addition to any gardening or bonsai trimming kit.