JCBritw 100W LED Grow Light 2ft Panel for Indoor Plants Grow Lamp White Full Spectrum with IR Dimmable Plant Light for… Price: $35.99 (as of 28/01/2023 16:26 PST- Details)

【White Sun like spectrum added Red and IR】good for seed starting, seedlings, veg and flower. Promote plant growth rapidly and efficiently, help plants grow healthier and more vigorous with abundant. You can use it to grow any kinds of plants indoor like succulents, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, flowers and fruits etc.
【Stepless Dimming】options of different brightness, meet the plants different light intensity needs without adjusting height. It comes with No timer, so you can use your own timer to set any lightning time, more flexible
【High Efficiency】equal to traditional 100 watt HPS/MH while only consuming 30W±3W. Save you electric bill a lot. Scientifically engineered to keep balance of PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage