kepamnk 3-inch Mini Terracotta Flowerpot Indoor flowerpots, White Garden flowerpots with Drainage Holes, Suitable for… Price: $30.99 (as of 05/02/2023 17:41 PST- Details)

1. Made of high-quality clay, after baking at high temperature, each clay pot has excellent durability and crack resistance. All packages have passed a 3-foot drop test to ensure that the cans remain intact during transportation.
2. White mini small clay pot, 2.65 inches high and 2.95 inches outside diameter, specially designed for succulents, cacti and herbs. There are 20 flower pots in the package (not including plants and soil).
3. There is a small drainage hole at the bottom of each white ceramic flowerpot, which increases the drainage efficiency when watering and protects the good growth environment of your flowers or succulents.