Laser Measure 131ft, MiLESEEY Digital Tape Measure with 2 Horizontal Bubble Room Laser Measurement Tool for Realtors… Price: $36.99 (as of 06/02/2023 18:38 PST- Details)

Accuracy Ups To ±1/16inch Digital Measurement Tool: MiLESEEY laser measure tool with 2 horizontal bubble levels, which provides accuracy ups to ±1/16inch, measuring distance extends to 131 feet. This digital measuring tape with laser get results very fast within 0.5s. Unlike tape measure, there’s never slack or bending. Digital laser measure is precise and saving time. Electronic distance measure is a must have for realtor, carpenter, design engineer, contractor, electrician, etc.
Switchable Among M/In/Ft/Ft+In/ for Free Adjustment: This digital tape measure default setting is feet + inches, press “UNIT” switch button as needed. With multiple measurement modes: distance, area measurement, volume, Pythagoras, continuous measurement, min/max, add/subtract functions, the laser distance measure is ideal for home, window, backyard, garden fence, room, apartment, architecture, house construction, industry, warehouse, real estates, square footage daily etc.
Large LCD Backlight and Mute Setting: This electric tape measure with backlight LCD screen, provides you better visibility in dark areas. The display can be read easily both indoor and outdoor even under the strong sun light. Mute setting function allows you to turn on or off the laser measure beep. Suitable for use in quite places like library, classroom, hospital, etc. MiLESEEY laser measurement tool is safe, laser class 2 and laser tape 635nm