LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Waterproof 6.5ft 120LEDs, Growing Lights for Indoor…

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🥝 INDOOR GROW LIGHT SPECIFICATIONS 🥝 2 meters length plants light strip, 1 meter lead length. Each meter mini grow light contains 60 SMD LED grow light bulb, totally 120 LEDs. Plant halo grow light, high luminous efficiency, 90% of the light emitted can be absorbed by plants. IP65 waterproof, can withstand spray and water splash, do not afraid damaging led plant grow light when watering plants. Growing lights for indoor plants, used for potted indoor plants, succulents, etc.
🍆 HALO GROW LIGHT PRINCIPLE 🍆 According to the plant photosynthesis, grow lights for seedlings cover the wavelength range of photosynthesis. In visual effects, red and blue seedling grow light appear pink. Red halo plant light, aim at seeds and plants blooming, promotes plant germination and flowering. Blue indoor growing light promotes plant photosynthesis, plant growth, and increases yield. Indoor grow lights for plants, help plant flowering, fruiting, the absorption of nutrients.
🌱 APPLICATION RANGE 🌱 Full spectrum grow light, rich wavelength types, consistent with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphology, can be combined as pure monochromatic and compound spectrum. Grow light for indoor plants, specific wavelength to irradiate plant evenly. Best indoor lights for plants, suitable for plant tissue culture, vegetable and fruit planting, facility gardening, factory seedling breeding and aerospace ecological life protection system.