LINGOOD Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponic Heating Pad Waterproof for seedlings Plant Warming mat with Power-Off Protection… Price: $35.99 (as of 05/02/2023 17:56 PST- Details)

【Heating System】LINGOOD Seedling Hydroponic Heating Pad can provide 40°F~50°F above ambient temperature, even heating, ideal for indoor gardening, promote plant growth and flower seed germination, also can be used in pet enclosures and glass containers, such as for Terrariums for reptiles, rodents and snakes.
【High Quality Material】Made of heavy duty PVC material, insulating, strong and durable, the high quality heating wire has high temperature resistance and insulation.
【Waterproof】Smooth surface, IP67-rated waterproof material prevents splashing and spraying. The heating pad is easy to clean and wipe, which is conducive to keeping the equipment clean and running normally, without potential safety hazards and prolonging the service life.