Moon Lamp Humidifiers, QUMPOT Moon Night Light with 3 Colors, 4.5 Inch 3D Levitating Moon Lamp with Wood Stand, 2 in 1… Price: $31.05 (as of 06/10/2022 20:39 PST- Details)

The moon lamp with humidifier function has 2 modes (continuous spray & intermittent spray). The moon lamps for bedroom have a water storage capacity of 300 ml and can be humidified for 10 hours. As a night light in the bedroom, it can maintain the humidity throughout the night and avoid dry skin and dry sore throats for you and your child.
Sturdy 3D printed moon lamp. Other moon night lights on the market use cheap plastics, but QUMPOT moon lights use high-quality ABS materials. The night lights for kids are not only drop-resistant and long-lasting, but also have realistic moon pits.
The flashing lights dazzle you? The QUMPOT adult night lights for bedroom have 3 soft constant light modes (yellow, yellow+white, white), which are the same color as the moon. The USB wired moon ball is safer, the light is more stable and bright, and the service life is longer than that of the rechargeable moon night light lamp.