Nurture Growth Organic Fertilizer – Indoor & Outdoor Plant Fertilizer – Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Free, Concentrated – All… Price: $11.99 (as of 24/03/2023 01:41 PST- Details)

[ORGANIC ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS] – As harmful chemicals are impacting the environment and human health, our goal is to provide growers with an easy-to-use, effective, and affordable plant fertilizer that is chemical-free and safe for people, living creatures, and the environment. Our liquid fertilizer is not just great for your plants, it’s also a climate-change fighter!
[INNOVATIVE MICROBIAL FORMULA] – Using our innovative Bio-Technology we were able to reach a microbial formula that restores the soil food web allowing growers to enjoy nutrient dense bountiful harvests. By using our organic liquid fertilizer, grow fruits and vegetables that are healthier, hardier, and more nutritious than those grown with chemicals
[HELPING GARDENERS GROW MORE] – Nurture Growth Bio-Fertilizer is helping commercial and local growers increase their crop yield, improve their soil fertility, and eliminate harmful chemicals. Our all purpose fertilizer can be used for vegetables, fruits, herbs, lawns and more! Simply mix it with water and spray it directly on the plants