ONEDONE Watering Can Indoor Plants, Long Spout Plant Watering Can 1L 34oz, Small Watering Can for House Plants Garden… Price: $22.99 (as of 24/03/2023 01:39 PST- Details)

【Long Detachable Spout】-The stainless steel long-stem spout indoor watering can helps you water precisely into the roots without splashing and waste, make water pouring easier. The spout is detachable for easy storage. Please make sure to push the spout way in until you can’t insert anymore.
【IDEAL Indoor Plant Watering Can】-ONEDONE mini watering can for indoor plants with 1L/34oz capacity is generous enough to water several indoor plants. Made of high quality and safe material which ensures durability without leaking.
【Wide Opening & Sturdy Handle & Measurement Marks】-With 1.96 inches wide opening, you can inject water or water-soluble fertilizer quickly and clean the water can easily. The sturdy handle is ergonomically designed for easy lifting and watering. The measurement marks on the translucent pot body help you measure the water amount accurately to avoid the over-watering of your plants.

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