ORC Gear Humidifier Mineral Filter Pad Compatible with TaoTronics, Levoit, and Other Humidifiers (20pcs)

Amazon.ca Price: $21.99 (as of 24/03/2023 01:56 PST- Details)

►► EASY REPLACEMENT: Mineral filter pads are easily replaced on the heating element of a warm-mist humidifier . Contrary to manufacturer’s instructions, old mineral pads must be thrown out. They cannot be cleaned as they become brittle and saturated in minerals. Simply toss the old one out and drop in a new pad.
►► BREATHE EASY: Warm mist humidifiers collect the minerals that cool mist humidifiers put into the air. White dust can be a respiratory irritant, particularly if you have the cold, the flu or a you-know-what respiratory illness in our present situation. High humidity has the double benefit of being less virus-friendly while giving flu symptom relief. Humidity reduces sore throat pain, limits dry coughs, and improves breathing.
►► CONVENIENT: Mineral pads do the work for you by collecting the lime and minerals commonly found in tap water. Using tap water is much more convenient and more cost-effective than buying bulky distilled water. This has the secondary effect of not having to go shopping in a busy store when sickness is increasing.