PetraTools Liquid Iron for Lawns – Chelated Iron, Liquid Iron for Plants, Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Concentrate Solutions… Price: $25.29 (as of 24/03/2023 01:42 PST- Details)

RESTORE VIBRANT GREEN LAWN & FLOWERS: PetraTools Chelated Liquid Iron is a concentrated solution that revitalizes healthy color & quality for lawns, flowers, vegetables, bushes & trees. It combats yellowing and improves plant color and quality fast.
ULTIMATE DEEP GREEN BOOST: This iron supplement for plants contains high levels of bioavailable iron that helps your grass absorb and utilize the nutrient for maximum effectiveness. Liquid Iron uses sugar-based complexing technology for safer and more effective usage for both foliar and root applications.
EDTA-FREE FORMULA: We formulated our chelated liquid iron for lawns to be healthy for the plants and surroundings, so it’s completely EDTA free. Treat iron deficiencies and chlorosis and combat yellowing by strengthening roots and increasing the stress tolerance.