Moistenland Plant Germination Trays, 10-Pack Seedling Starter Trays Seed Starter Kit with Humidity Lid and Base for… Price: $18.69 (as of 24/03/2023 01:53 PST- Details)

🌱Starting Plants from Seed: Moistenland 10 packs seedling starter tray kit, 12 cells every tray, total 120 cells. Each set contains a clear plastic lid, a plug tray and a flat. Start different plants indoor seedling in ease.
🌱Watching the Seedling Progress: With a clear plastic lid, it is perfect for you to watch the seed germinating and growing progress. Meanwhile, the clear lid allows light through but holds moisture in.
🌱Humidity Control: The adjustable vents let you control the humidity easily while seed germinating and growing. As soon as you notice the seeds sprouting, open the vent and let some moisture out, as too much trapped moisture could cause plants to rot.