Plant Light, Semai 3-Head Plant Lamp for Indoor Plant, Full Spectrum Grow Light with Clip, 64W Stepless Dimming 3/6/12H… Price: $39.99 (as of 04/02/2023 18:12 PST- Details)

►【3 Lighting Models & Stepless Dimming】 Not only the plant light with clip can support basic dimming but you can choose 1 light on &2 lights on &3 lights on divide. What’s more, the plant lamp for indoor plants is step-less dimming, you can keep pressing the increase or decrease button, the LED grow light will auto adjust the brightness(0%-100%), more brightness choices for your plant
►【3/6/12H Auto Timer & Circular Memory】 Choosing Specific lighting time for your plants: 3/6/12H by TIMING button LED grow lamp, and the full spectrum grow lamp can automatically turn on/off every day according to your settings, adjust the time to meet the needs of the green plant, time circular-memory everyday
►【Full Spectrum Plant Light】 This plant lamp made up of Red & White & Blue 3 kinds of color light beads(144pcs in total), by simulating sunlight to achieve full spectrum effects. The natural ambient light in your indoor space is hard to support the growth of plants, but we can supplement the uniform light for the plant by grow light to meet different brightness needs for your plants