ProMix Perlite 9L 0.9kg Recloseable Bag: Great for amending soils in containers, Raised beds, Outdoor Gardens, and… Price: $12.03 (as of 22/03/2023 01:44 PST- Details)

Trusted by professional since 1968, prelite is an excellent natural material to increase aeration and drainage for all indoor and outdoor plants. It is white in colour, porous, and crumbly if compressed.
Perlite is lightweight expanded volcanic glass, and when mixed with soils, helps root development while maintaining soil moisture for less watering. It’s the reason why so many potting soil mixes include perlite as an ingredient.
When examined closely or under a microscope, the surface is covered with tiny cavities that provide a very large surface area. This aids in perlite’s capillary action, drawing water and distributing it more evenly throughout the soil media.