[Upgraded Light] Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light – Durable Seed Tray, 60 Cell Seed Starting Tray, Humidity Dome for…

Amazon.ca Price: $64.51 (as of 22/03/2023 01:49 PST- Details)

Value Package: A complete seed starter kit includes a 60-cell seed starter tray seedling starter tray, bottom seed tray seedling tray, clear matching humidity dome, and 3-head grow light with clamp and stand – perfect for seed starting, seed germination, seedling starting, succulent cuttings or other plant clone propagation.
Well Built Construction: High-quality plastic is reusable, recyclable and more durable than others on the market. The cell tray is divided into equal 1.46″ squares in 2.17″ depth for your small or large seeds for flowers, vegetables, fruits, succulents and other plants. It is designed with the proper size holes to allow drainage, while the bottom seedling tray retains overflow water to prevent leaking.
Excellent Humidity Control: Our high-rise, transparent domes have 2 adjustable circular vents designed into the top that provide smooth airflow control, maximum light penetration, and the best viewing angle of your plants. Seed Tray Size is 16.69″ X 10.94″ X 2.36″, Humidity Domes 16.92″ X 11.18″ X 5.12″ and Overall size is 16.69″ X 10.94″X 7.36″.