Segomo Tools Soil Moisture Meter – Plant Water Meter – Soil Moisture Sensor & Reader – Moisture Meter for House Plants… Price: $17.95 (as of 06/02/2023 18:36 PST- Details)

[ Water Your Plants At the Right Time ] With this moisture meter you will know the right time to water your garden, lawn, farm or plants. Take care of your garden & plants and forget about drowning them in water or leaving them dry for days.
[ Easy-To-Read Soil Meter ] You don’t need your glasses! Our plant moisture meter has easy-to-read large 10 scale color-coded dial (with red, green and blue markings) for accurate and instant soil moisture measuring.
[ Keep The Roots Safe ] Your plants need their roots to stay healthy. This hydrometer for plants is designed as single probe to ensure minimal disruption to sensitive roots allowing you to take readings without digging up too much soil.