Sheep Shears, 690W 2400r/min 6 Speed Adjustable Professional Electric Sheep Clipper Electric Animal Grooming Clippers… Price: $173.65 (as of 04/02/2023 17:52 PST- Details)

⍣⇝⍣【HIGH QUALITY】— Our Sheep Clipper is made of high quality aluminum material, it has incisive cutting, fast shearing and can be used for a long time. It features compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, low vibration and easy carrying. It is suitable for family farming or pasture breeding.
⍣⇝⍣【6 SPEEDS CONTROL】— Our Electric Sheep Shears is plugged in directly and the power is driven by motor. 1-6 gear shifting, 6 cooling vents, the blade is designed with straight teeth for easier operation. When trimming wool, the efficiency can be controlled at any time, making it more convenient and practical. Even though you are a beginner, the low speeds can help you finish the shearing task easily.
⍣⇝⍣【EFFORTLESS SHEARING】— The blade is adjustable and can be precisely adjusted according to the thickness of the wool to achieve a quick flat shearing effect. The upper and lower blades are adjusted, and the upper and lower blades adjust the thickness of the wool left and right. As long as the spacing is adjusted, the wool can be perfectly cut.