SINGOMON Biodegradable Plant Pots Germination Sow 2 Plastic Growing Trays 2 Humidity Domes 2 Gardening Seedlings Dibbers… Price: $29.99 (as of 30/09/2022 19:35 PST- Details)

[Value Gardening Seed Pot Set]: 2 black plastic planting starter plates, 2 heat-preserving lids, 120 seed cell pots (size 2.4 inches), 30 plant tags, 2 seedling planters and 1 marker . This planting kit is enough to meet your gardening needs.
[High Permeability]: The seed starter is made of high-quality recyclable waste paper, reed and straw, which will not pollute the environment and is biodegradable. It has excellent drainage and permeability properties, air permeability, easy soil fusion, improves the ecological environment around the seedling roots, and is conducive to the growth of seedlings.
[Biodegradable]: These cute seedling trays are made of peat, which is combined with the roots to promote aeration and can be dissolved in the soil. They increase the soil in the garden and help maintain moisture around the roots of plants. In this way they soft-walled peat allows the plant roots to be pruned naturally as they pass through the pot. These starting peat pots are ideal for transplanting plants and will not cause root circulation or damage.