SPARKFIRE Plant Watering Can 34oz, Stainless Steel Long Spout Watering Pot with 500ml Fine Mist Spray Bottle for… Price: $19.99 (as of 22/03/2023 01:35 PST- Details)

Made of high quality PP material, the body of the bottle is not easily broken or crack. The see-through design allows you to see when it needs to be cleaned or when the water is getting low.
SPARKFIRE watering pot has a long 10 inch nozzle made of stainless steel that will allow you to water precisely without splashing and can be penetrated into the flowers and grass soil directly. No spills and no waste.
Semi-open top design makes it convenient to fill water from the faucet and the 1 liter capacity is generous enough to water several indoor plants before refilling. A high front lip prevents water from spilling from the top of the can during watering.

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