Terra Cotta Pots, Laergin 6.43 Inch Shallow Terra Cotta Clay Pots with Drain Hole Terra Cotta Plant Pot with Drainage…

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【Perfect Size】Set of 6 Small: 6.43″ in outside diameter(OD), 2.12″ in height(H)
【High Quality】Terra cotta pots made of Top-Quality clay and baked at high temperature, each Terra cotta Pots features great durability and crack resistance. Terra cotta pots are classic planting pots, with a neutral and warm color that makes almost any plant look great. Suitable for propagating seedling, collecting succulents and small plants like succulents, cactus, herbs, moss ball, and bring so much positivity.
【Drain Hole】The Clay Pot bottom has Drain holes to keep soil drained and ventilated,helping increase drainage efficiency. Juicy, cactus, herbs or other plants thrive in well-drained clay pots and add porous soil to achieve ultimate plant comfort and growth.