TRRAPLE Seed Trays, Seed Starter Kit 12 Components Seed Starter Box Plastic Propagator Growing Tray for Greenhouse… Price: $11.99 (as of 24/03/2023 01:51 PST- Details)

Quality seed tray — the thickened bottom edge can withstand the pressure, it would not lose soil or soak up too much water, and effectively cultivate seeds. Ideal cell size to maintain ideal temperature and optimal root growth, plant seedling, seed sprouter and seed germination.
With soil blocks — the soil blocks is helpful for new gardener. So the new gardener neednâ€t to worry about how to begin to make the blocks. The blocks are fixed well on the block stand.
Transparent lid — the transparent allows to observe the seedling grow situation without opening the lid, to avoid the seeding get too much cold weather.