VIVOSUN Moisture Meters, 2-in-1 Pin & Scanning Type Digital Moisture Detector with Backlit LCD Display, Multifunctional… Price: $35.99 (as of 05/02/2023 18:02 PST- Details)

2-in-1 Pin & Scan Mode: Dual functions support both pin-type & pinless scanning features; The pin-type allows for faster responses, higher accuracy, and rapid assessment; The pinless scan mode is a non-invasive measurement method that isn’t adversely affected by the presence of surface moisture—it’s ideal for high-end wood and building materials
Different Measuring Ranges: The two modes correspond to different measurement ranges; Pin mode: wood: 5%-50%, building materials: 1.5%-33%, error range: +/-2%; Scanning mode: wood: 5%-53%, building materials: 0-35%, error range: +/-4%
Smart Alarm: Once the moisture in the wood exceeds 17% or the wall humidity exceeds 70%, the moisture tester will beep to alert you; For your convenience, the pinless scanning feature has four pre-set modes, including the softwood, hardwood, gypsum board, and concrete modes