VKTY Seed Trays Seedling Starter Tray 4 Pack Humidity Adjustable Plant Starting Kit with Dome and Base Greenhouse…

Amazon.ca Price: $41.99 (as of 22/03/2023 01:49 PST- Details)

6 Grid Seedling Trays—-The Starter Seed Tray Kit can plant 6 seedlings, each with a drainage hole at the bottom for proper drainage to reduce over-saturation of the root water.
Humidity Control—-By activating the adjustable ventilation holes of the tray, you can adjust the temperature and humidity of the seedling environment, keep the seedlings moist, and reduce water evaporation.
Material—-The seed tray nursery starter kit is made of PP plastic material, safe and durable, and can be reused. The translucent dome allows you to easily observe the plants without interrupting the process.