Wave Nutrients: Bloom, Micro and Grow 1-Liter Pack of 3

Amazon.ca Price: $45.00 (as of 24/03/2023 01:44 PST- Details)

Wave Nutrients presents its specially formulated, 3-part plant fertilizer, that provides plants with all the base minerals that they need for vigorous growth, in both the vegetative and bloom phases.
The parts: Wave Grow promotes vigorous growth in Cannabis plants, resulting in increased branching, more foliage, to support larger flowers. Wave Bloom provides the nutrients that promote bigger and more dense flowers in plants. Wave Micro provides plants with the essential micro nutrients required for vigorous growth, and uses chelated calcium to maximize nutrient availability. Always use Wave Grow, Wave Micro and Wave Bloom together to ensure you have the best, most complete fertilizer.
Use it in all mediums, and in every type of system, to turbocharge your plants.