Wrexat 10 Pack Seed Trays Seedling Starter Tray- Humidity Adjustable with Dome, Transparent Covers Height 3.3″, Mini Propagator for Seeds Growing Starting (12 Cells per Tray) Black

Amazon.ca Price: $21.74 (as of 22/03/2023 01:51 PST- Details)

The only new design in the market: Transparent cover height 3.3″, which provides more space for your seeds to grow. With circular vents, you can well adjust humidity and temperature. Don’t worry about drying the seedlings due to lack of humidity and you can observe the growth process of plants at any time.
Seedling trays with drain holes:With drain hole at bottom of each cell for proper drainage. Each cell is 1.5” square by 2” deep. Suitable for seed growth and germination, such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, tobacco and other plants.
Base black tray:The basic base is very important to collect the excess water and fallen soil from the tray, keep it clean and tidy, and is easy to move. Can be stacked to save space and easy to manage.