Young Urban Farmers Coconut Coir 3.5kg Block – Expands to 66L in Volume Price: $31.26 (as of 22/03/2023 01:44 PST- Details)

Enjoy outstanding gardening results with this all-natural, pH-neutral premium coconut coir. This high-quality coir is a joy and a pleasure to work with as it hydrates very quickly and has a uniform, consistent, and even texture (no more large and uneven pieces of husk/coir). It comes pre-portioned into 3 individual blocks, allowing you to use just what you need without hydrating the entire block.
Eco-friendly, and made from naturally sustainable and renewable resources, Young Urban Farmers coconut coir is excellent as a standalone soil medium or a soil amendment that can improve soil texture, soil structure, improve aeration, improve drainage, improve water retention, and provide organic matter to the garden. Perfect for vegetable gardens, shrubs, trees, flower beds, lawns, potted plants, hanging baskets, windowsill planters, urns, worm bins, and more.
Coconut coir is excellent at water retention, is a great natural and sustainable alternative to peat, and also works great as a hydroponic growing medium. Totally biodegradable, 100 percent natural, and made from renewable resources. It retains more air and moisture (holds up to 10x its weight in water) and improves the drainage compared to other growing media.