Young Urban Farmers Perlite 12.5L Resealable Bag Price: $25.95 (as of 01/10/2022 17:27 PST- Details)

All natural, organic, and easy to use, Young Urban Farmers Perlite is one of the best soil amendments for almost all types of gardens and planters including raised beds, seed starting mixes, hanging baskets, house plants, flower beds, and more. Comes in a reusable resealable bag and consists primarily of fine/medium grade perlite
Perlite reduces soil compaction and increases aeration and drainage for all indoor and outdoor plants, leading to healthier root growth and healthier plants overall. Our perlite is white in colour, highly porous, and crumbly when compressed.
Mix is coconut coir, peat moss, worm castings, vermiculite, or your preferred soil ingredients to create your own blend such as potting soil mixes, seed starting blends, tropical plant mixes, orchid mixes, and more. Or mix and integrate directly into flower beds, lawns, containers, and any other planter.Lightweight and easy to handle, perlite blends easily with other ingredients and is an excellent way to fill out your soil mix and reduce weight without sacrificing moisture retention.