Young Urban Farmers Worm Castings Plus Price: $27.45 (as of 01/10/2022 17:27 PST- Details)

Grow healthy, vibrant plants from vegetables to flowers to lawns and more with Worm Castings Plus. This premium soil amendment provides the best of worm castings and black soldier fly insect frass in a convenient concentrated package. A little goes a long way to improve soil health, boost plant vitality, and increase overall yields.
Rich in beneficial microbes and very high in organic matter, Worm Castings Plus improves soil fertility, provides essential macro- and micro-nutrients, unlocks plant nutrients through its humic acid, and stimulates plant defense with natural chitin. Use as a top dressing, as part of a custom soil blend for all stages of plant growth from seed starting to leafy growth and for flowering and fruiting plants.
Great for all plants including vegetable/herb gardens, flower beds, lawns, potted plants, house plants, trees, shrubs, and more. Enjoy bigger yields, more vibrant blooms, lush lawns, healthy plants, and a healthier soil. Long-lasting, slow-release nutrients means less fertilizer and more resilient plants.